Z/Yen On Fraud

As a firm based on the principles of choice, evolution, economics, and systems theory, Z/Yen is philosophically committed to enhancing reward, reducing risk, and increasing certainty – thus philosophically opposed to fraud. Our work over the years includes a multitude of projects directed at reducing, or quixotically eliminating, fraud. Some examples include:

Our two year programme over 2019-2021 on simplifying & strengthening anti-money laundering in the UK, consisted of seven events with a range of partners from the City of London Corporation to the Law Society and the Financial Services Group of Livery Companies, all based on Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli’s unprecedented two years as Sheriff of the City of London responsible for the Central Criminal Courts.

Though our anti-money laundering interest dates back many years:

Our last big push to reduce financial scandals with the Lord Mayor of the City of London:

As well as other pro bono work over the years:

Reducing best execution violations using advanced machine-learning techniques (particularly support vector machines):

Ethics in commerce:

Our long-standing participation in events focused on reducing economic crime:

Some of our own anti-fraud events:

Given that procurement often features in fraud, out thoughts on ‘buying versus shopping’:

Our work on cyber-security and cyber-catastrophe, particularly insurance-linked securities approaches:

And work on early stage technology introduction security, e.g. the early days of wireless networks: