Senior Executive, Global Investment Bank:

“The Z/Yen Report made riveting reading...we did a similar study 10 years ago which gave us no useful information.”

Scott McGarvie, Senior Data Scientist, Duedil:

"It was a pleasure to work with Z/Yen on a project examining potential applications of distributed ledger technology. Throughout the process there was exceptional clarity of thought and clear presentation of the project goals and deliverables. The work was collaborative and engaging and we managed to address many important questions as a result of the discussions that took place."

Richard Pharro, CEO, APM Group...

"We worked with Z/Yen on a report to consider insurance for a catastrophe in cyber security, the market is for cyber insurance and re-insurance products. Z/Yen reached a wide range of knowledgeable contributors, delivering the report on time to an appropriate and engaged launch event. Subsequent discussions, including at government level, proved the timeliness and value such an opportunity can provide. We have benefited from our relationship with Z/Yen in exposure to the market and in their excellent communication of new ideas supported by APMG-International."

Dr Roger Barker, Director of Corporate Governance, Institute of Directors:

"The IoD engaged Z/Yen to explore ways of measuring and evaluating standards of corporate governance at UK-listed companies. Throughout the project, we found Z/Yen to be highly professional and completely focused on delivering a successful outcome. On several occasions, the team went well beyond the call of duty in terms of commitment and hard work. The resulting publication was of a high standard, and helped us to gain an excellent amount of media coverage. I have no hesitation in recommending Z/Yen for complex projects which demand a high level of technical statistical expertise as well as seasoned business experience.”

George Littlejohn, Senior Advisor, Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment:

“Z/Yen’s work with us on a number of publications and events has always been marked by their ability to deliver complex subjects in a business-like way. We enjoy working with them as they are one of the few research firms capable of bringing deep insights into a breadth of topics.”

Minister of State at the Irish Department of Finance, Michael D’Arcy TD said (2018):

“The role of the International Member of the Industry Advisory Committee has proved invaluable as a way to provide us with an international perspective on developments in the international financial services scene which helps us to ensure our offering for the sector remains competitive and responsive to the global environment.”

Bronwyn McKenna, Assistant General Secretary of UNISON, the public sector trades union:

“We truly appreciate Z/Yen’s ability to work creatively in partnership, with great attention to delivery and detail.”

Sam Jin Whang, Head of Busan International Financial City Promotion Center:

“Everybody says that all the events during the Lord Mayor’s visit to Busan in July were very impressive and successful. However, I feel all the success was attributed to your help and I would like to express my warm hearted gratitude for your contribution. You helped by advising me to contact the Ambassador in Seoul to invite the Lord Mayor to Busan, and then you persuaded the relevant people in London to include Busan on the itinerary for the Lord Mayor's overseas visit in 2016. You also advised me of the Mansion House Scholarship Programme. More I cannot mention - I really thank you for your help.”

Dr Rehan ul-Haq, Chairman & CEO, Monserat Properties Ltd:

"Z/Yen, a Think-Do-Tank."

Dr Kevin Welford, Director, QinetiQ (then CEO Zephir, now ZX Lidars):

"It has taken a very long time to get the investment and the traction in the market place for all sorts of reasons. I am very proud of that achievement and the journey the company has made. Yes indeed you can be sure that you started it all - some people do indeed remember."

An Environmental Investment Manager:

“the finest website [The London Accord] on finance we have seen anywhere."

Hüseyin Erkan, Chairman & CEO of Istanbul Stock Exchange:

"Your inputs and views were such a significant contribution to the overall outcome of the event."

Mike Parker, Deputy Chief Executive, Young’s Bluecrest on behalf of The Marine Stewardship Council:

“I don’t think there is any doubt that you leave the financial management of the organization in a much stronger state than the one that you inherited and I personally feel much more comfortable regarding the information base and the overall direction of the MSC with respect to its finances.”

Mark Lewis, Head of UK & Ireland Marketing, 3Com:

“To make a real difference to my business I needed to manage changing customer attitudes. Z/Yen researched and understood complex customer behaviour and presented the results in a simple yet informative way. Z/Yen’s findings have enabled us to redefine successfully our ‘go to market’ strategy and change the way we manage our channels to market.”

Brendan May, Chief Executive, Marine Stewardship Council:

“People underestimate the long-term value of the searching questions that they ask. They think the unthinkable and ask questions you never ask yourself, such as 'Why are you in this business? Who are your rivals?' It's not that we've radically changed as a result of their input, it's more that we have learnt to home in on what we're best at. The vision was ours, but they helped us to navigate and implement change.”

Chief Executive, Large UK Property Company:

“Z/Yen add immense value to any management team. They have great intellectual and analytical capabilities and are not afraid to challenge established wisdom and practices. They are very hard working and extremely loyal - real team players. They are also people of great personal integrity.”

John Edwards, Finance Director, British Heart Foundation:

“They bring a refreshingly independent view without preconceptions, and work at the pace you want. Not cheap compared with smaller outfits, but the charity discount makes them attractive compared with larger consultancies; they offer a quote with a ceiling.”

Tony Jones, General Manager, Hitachi Europe Limited:

“I've bought a lot of market research in the past, and what I get is a lot of information but no interpretation of what it means. The reason I hired Z/Yen is because I thought they would put the information into context and give me deliverables I can use in my business....and this is exactly what they have done for me.”

Chief Executive, Major International R&D Company:

“Z/Yen undertook this role [strategic review of a large and complex business] with great skill and energy and the results have shaped our thinking subsequently. One consequence of this work was to identify a very profitable divestment which formed the basis of another successful business.”

IT Director, Major UK Charity:

“Thank you Z/Yen for saving my sanity and restoring my self-confidence. Three 'experts' failed to solve our database problem, insisting 'it must be something you are doing wrong' whilst several companies offered to sell new software. Only Z/Yen identified the fundamental flaw in our database, then helped us to design a new model. If you need sound, impartial advice, Z/Yen are second to none.”

Chief Executive, Ministry of Defence Agency:

“We felt we were working with a partner rather than a supplier and that is what we needed.”

Deputy Chief Executive, Media Outsourcing Organisation:

“The work by Z/Yen has resulted in us looking at a potentially significant initiative based on a new membership club. The review by Z/Yen clarified our thoughts considerably.”

Bob Marston, Head of Commercial Services, Cancer Research UK:

“Very expensive, but very professional.”

Keith Ellender, Business Development Director, Disposal Services Agency:

“I genuinely believe from a customer's point of view that Z/Yen meets its clients' satisfaction goals very well.”

Marc Hardwick, Head of Strategy & Sectors, Think London:

"The Global Financial Centres Index is really good…"

Executive Director - Global Investment Bank:

“I think you do an excellent job and have contributed more than you'd believe to the rise in standards in the Operations industry.”

Head of Client Relationship Management - Global Investment Bank:

“Your Operational Performance Reports are very interesting. They seem to be enhancing Z/Yen’s reputation each time you do one.”

Head of Network Management - Global Investment Bank:

“Through the use of your survey, we managed to save more than £1 million in one market alone."

Director of PR, UK City Council:

"I am so lucky that you stay with us through the choppy times because it is a real pleasure to sail with you in the smoother ones - please stay on board!"

IS Director, Energy Company:

"Z/Yen's lively and energetic style constantly challenged us to find positive solutions while providing the knowledge and experience to help guide the contract management process."

Derek Jones, Support Services, Channel 4 Television:

"[report] provoked plenty of fundamental thinking and could lead into so many radical new directions - a tribute to the thoroughness with which you carried out the work."

Director e-commerce, Standard Chartered Bank:

"This paper of yours was invaluable to us in our early days [on best execution]."

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