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Z/Yen helps organisations make better choices - our clients consider us a commercial think-tank that spots, solves and acts. Our name combines Zen and Yen - “a philosophical desire to succeed” - in a ratio, recognising that all decisions are trade-offs.

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Government & Financial Institutions

Z/Yen was approached by an international financial centre to advise on enhancing their competitiveness. Z/Yen researched the competitiveness of the centre using our knowledge gained ... Read More

Government & Financial Institutions

Our client, a government-funded association backed by numerous financial institutions had a mission to develop and promote the financial services industry of a particular city. ... Read More

Charitable Foundation

Our client, a charitable foundation with a focus on the environment, has a major programme looking at a sustainable economy. This programme’s aims include the ... Read More

Government & Financial Services

Mutual Distributed Ledgers (MDLs) have the potential to transform the way people and organisations handle identity, transaction, and debt information. Z/Yen have delivered a series ... Read More



The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI)

An index measuring and assessing the competitiveness of existing financial centres.


The Global Green Finance Index (GGFI)

An index measuring perceptions of the quality and depth of green financial products across the world’s financial centres.

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Smart Centres Index

An index measuring how attuned financial centres are to attracting new lines of business, such as fintech or new financial products.

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