Videos, Or Z/Yen At The Movies

Z/Yen people love making films, we just don't get enough time or money to do so. However, when we do get a chance we think we do a good job. Here are some of our productions:


Climate Change & The City Of London: An Interview With Professor Michael Mainelli


UKFW 2020 ‑ Money, Money, Money: The Future of Payments

International Financial Centres: The Future For London & Tokyo

London After Covid‑19 ‑ A Discussion With Michael Mainelli, Aldermanic Sheriff Of London

GDF And GBBC Present Global Leaders Town Hall With Michael Mainelli

Chair Miles ‑ The Movie

Law In The Business Of New Technologies ‑ Foreign Experts (Polish)


Mondo Visione Exchange Forum 2019 ‑ Gina Miller & Michael Mainelli

Blockchain and the Environment: Blessing or curse?

More videos from the event can be viewed here:


GRC Summit 2018 ‑ When The Pixe Dust Settles: Compliance Excitement On The 'Internet‑Of‑Record'

CCF London 2018 / Duel: Michael Mainelli vs Jonny Fry

Identity ‑ Internet of Agreements Conference

The Economic Impact On World Trade Of Smart Ledgers

Relax! Blockchain Is Just a Ledger (Outside In)

ThinkTech Hawaii: Blockchain Applications With Z/Yen (We Like The 1%)


Michael Mainelli Explains Smart Ledgers

Blockchain World Events ‑ Michael Mainelli Interview


Sharing Ledgers For Sharing Economies: A Boring Introduction To Mutual Distributed Ledgers ‑ celebrated the completion of our InterChainZ project:


The Case For Cyber Reinsurance ‑ Michael Mainelli


Noel's Funny Money

Meet Harry

Fall Of The Harry House ‑ Part One ‑ Dad Had His Chips

Fall Of The Harry House ‑ Part One ‑ Phoenix Chips


Pan Asia Gold Exchange is the odd one out, we got paid to be directors and producers!


Long Commerce: How Not To Steal The Silver From Our Own Children ‑ Part 1

Long Commerce: How Not To Steal The Silver From Our Own Children ‑ Part 2


Ultrahedge was our 31 March 2010 (hint) production of the apocalyptic impact of quantum finance.

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