Z/Yen uses benchmarking as a tool to assist clients in decision-making and understanding their markets. Once invited to participate in a study, participating organisations find that their brief contributions are highly rewarded on receipt of the final report highlighting their comparative position in the market against their peers.

Z/Yen regularly runs benchmarking studies across various sectors and is able to tailor its benchmarking services to new sectors and markets.

The following are some of Z/Yen's recent benchmarking studies:

  • Financial Services Benchmarking - Z/Yen is the market leader in benchmarking banking operations performance. Z/Yen has established itself as the leading organisation in measuring and comparing infrastructure costs, headcount, volume and efficiency indicators on a "like-for-like" basis. Z/Yen has enabled a series of Competitive Cost Comparison (CCC) Surveys that span almost the entire product range of a major commercial or investment bank.
  • Charity Insurance Benchmark - The not-for-profit sector is struggling to cope with steep rises in insurance costs in recent years. Z/Yen Limited, the UK's leading risk/reward management firm have recently completed a major benchmarking study to help the sector understand the current state of insurance, including an in-depth analysis of insurance costs, claims, restrictions and options.
  • Sales and Marketing Benchmark - Z/Yen is exploring the nature of sales & marketing activity to provide a comparative tool for industry professionals. This will enable participants to benchmark the commitment that their company makes to this area compared to the rest of the market.
  • Charities Consortium IT Director's Group Benchmark 2002/03.

Recent Publications

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