Tuesday, 08 June 2010
By Now&ZYen

Working with a great team from iBall TV, the Z/Yen Long Finance team had fun writing the screenplay for an April Fool’s film about a quantum finance computer taking over the universe, and then the multiverse. The fiendish Ultrahedge machine was developed deep in the ruins of the City of London’s financial district and spread throughout the world. The only problem was that Ultrahedge was determined to remove volatility from all markets. Having concluded that volatility was due to pesky humans and changeable weather, Ultrahedge eradicated both to achieve perfect smoothing, cue complete devastation and the elimination of mankind.

The trailer was first shown at the Long Finance conference on 1 February. The film itself was launched at a boutique East End (sic) cinema on 31 March and was again shown to a select audience at the Financial Services Club on 7 June. The film has also been posted on the internet where it raised quite a few chuckles and downloads. It is probably the first film ever to have had a trailer that was longer than the main feature (less than 3 minutes). You can download the film, poster and screenplay and settle back for the quickest bout of popcorn eating you’ve ever had.