Security Forward Workshop & Dinner - 9 October 2013 – Z/Yen & Furniture Makers Hall

Wednesday, 09 October 2013
By Now&ZYen

Security Forward Risk and Intelligence Forum’s periodic meeting was held on the 9 October at Z/Yen. We had a good turnout and a few new faces, which always stimulates the conversation. The meeting started with a presentation from our Speaker in Residence, Lt Col Crispin Black, “How To Produce A Manufacturing Miracle”. Crisping covered Winston Churchill’s spell as Minister of Munitions during World War I, July 1917 to January 1919. This well researched presentation covered an often overlooked period in Churchill’s career and brought out some interesting facts about the man and his management approach. He was happy to introduce American techniques (being half American himself) and fostered Trade Union co-operation. He was willing to oppose vested interests and to delegate when necessary. Most of those present had not seen the photograph of Churchill as a young officer standing beside the Kaiser before the War. An engaging and enlightening presentation, as always.

After our usual round-robin to identify key issues and concerns, our second speaker was Barry Roche, CEO of Protection Group International, who gave a presentation on Global Logistics and Supply Chain Security, which concentrated on Shipping in particular. Barry pointed out that piracy does not really affect the supply chain as much as many might suppose, but that the greatest risks might come from cyber attacks on ports. Ports now depend more on IT than stevedores and dockers. This was a most interesting and informative presentation and generated a lively discussion.

The workshop was followed by drinks and dinner at the Furniture Makers Hall, which gave us rather splendid surroundings to continue the conversations. Continuing our tradition of the cocktail matching Crispin’s talk, we naturally imbibed Winston Churchill’s favourite, Pol Roget. The dinner proved to be a valuable opportunity for attendees to network and share information in a secure environment operating under the Chatham House Rule.