Security Forward Workshop & Virtual Cocktails - 8 July 2020 - Virtual Meeting

Wednesday, 08 July 2020
By Peter Fraser-Hopewell

Wednesday, 8 July, saw Security Forward Risk & Intelligence Forum host its second virtual meeting chaired by co-programme chairman Peter Fraser-Hopewell.

Our guest speaker was Martin Gill, Director, Perpetuity Research and Consultancy Ltd, on the topic: "Beyond Gates, Guards, Guns, and Dogs - Professional Security In The Post-Covid-19 Era; - Challenges and Opportunities". Martin is a professor in criminology and through the Security Research Institute takes a close interest in business crime and the security sector. Through his Thought Leadership webinars he is always challenging practice and thinking and his talk was, as ever, direct and to the point. Not least was a well-made point that the security sector may feel that covid-19 is 'job well done' but the danger is we are congratulating ourselves and not looking at how The Board and Senior Management view success and necessity; particularly in a looming recession with tight budgets. Laurels are not there to be rested on, but opportunities to build on security professionalism; perhaps seizing the opportunity when security is in the limelight to cement our position in the corporate hierarchy. Martin's talk this was certainly thought-provoking.

The usual 'sharing your in tray session' was followed by Speaker in Residence Crispin Black's equally provocative talk. "Hindsight - Help or Hindrance?". Crispin gave a fascinating analysis on how easy it is to look at any game (or political/business activity) the morning after with the absolute confidence that - given the same game to play again - you know exactly how it would be done (a Monday morning quarterback never lost a game).

Looking to the future it was clear that covid-19 will be with us for some time, but that it was strongly felt there was still a real need for face-to-face meetings and that the clear intent was for the Forum to return to that format as soon as possible. With that in mind, it is worth noting.

  • Security Forward & Risk Intelligence Forum's coordinating team plan to meet on 26 August to review the impact of covid-19 and confirm plans for the remainder of 2020;
  • The aspiration to hold an Old Bailey event remains;
  • The next formal meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 15 October, with the hope that this might be our first face-to-face meeting since January;
  • Another formal face-to-face meeting is currently scheduled for Wednesday, 25 November;
  • Christmas drinks suggested dates are either 8 or 9 December, with a suggestion of WPP Sea Container House on the south side of Blackfriars Bridge.

The session concluded, as usual, with a Crispin-selected cocktail, a Churchill Martini. Gin, ice, olive or a twist of lemon according to taste in a reasonable glass. After this you could say one advantage of virtual meetings from our homes is driving after one of Crispin’s cocktails is not a problem.