Security Forward Workshop & Dinner - 22 November 2011 – Cavalry & Guards Club

Tuesday, 22 November 2011
By Now&ZYen

22 November 2011

Security Forward’s inaugural workshop and dinner was held at the Cavalry & Guards Club on Piccadilly in London on 22 November 2011. The event explored two security topics, perception versus reality and cyber-crime. Lt Col Crispin Black MBE led a fascinating discussion on the need for perspective in security matters. Crispin’s talk was entitled, “Spooks Like Spooking Us - Reading the Security Meter Without Losing Sleep”. Crispin had a fun romp, challenging the team to calm down when things were being talked up. Professor Michael Mainelli gave a short presentation on Z/Yen’s work with UK government bodies on cyber reinsurance. The theme of Michael’s talk was that cyber risk would be normalised by finding ways to insure that made it more similar to other insurable security risks, e.g. burglary, where insurance is readily available and sustains sensible defence measures. Over dinner, discussion was wide-ranging, but quite often returned to international trade and currency problems. All adjourned looking forward to future meetings.