Fishy Deals

Thursday, 28 June 2012
By Now&ZYen

London’s famous fish restaurant, Sweetings, founded in 1889, opened a new business line in June 2012. Having read about a new approach to wicked economics, Sweetings has decided to go into book sales. Remarkably, the shelves are full of a sole book, “The Price of Fish: A New Approach to Wicked Economics and Better Decisions”, winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards "Finance, Investment & Economics" Gold Prize. Cyril Hanrival, the restaurant manager proudly points to page 201:

Price of fish at sweetings.JPG

“The old gold standard was abandoned, in part, to give governments more ability to manage broad money supply. There is a lovely, apocryphal story about an analyst at the Bank of England who noticed that gilts went illiquid at 11.45am most days. After much deeper analysis, he realized that the illiquidity was due to Sweetings, the renowned fish restaurant in the City of London near St Paul’s cathedral, which doesn’t allow the booking of tables. If you’re not in Sweetings by noon, you won’t get a seat. So the gilt markets went illiquid at 11.45am because traders went for some fish and some liquid refreshment.”

After a tough sales push by Cyril, the authors, Ian Harris and Michael Mainelli, bought a great lunch. After a tough sales push by the authors, Cyril has a shelf for selling to diners. Book mark this plaice!