Covid-19 - Wash Your Hands With Z/Yen

Saturday, 11 April 2020
By Now&ZYen

Corvid-19 🦇 (sic)

Z/Yen people are concerned about the health of our colleagues, friends, families, and selves. We are undertaking a number of initiatives that might be of interest to others:

Collaborative Projects

  • Cov-ID proposal for a covid-19 individual health passport
  • Professor Michael Mainelli was one of the initiators, and judges, of the Pandemic Challenge to identify radical technologies to combat covid-19
  • Z/Yen worked with the Worshipful Company of World Traders and a major bank to send several containers of personal protective equipment in a container from Antwerp to China in February, totalling approximately $500,000 worth of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Z/Yen helped the city of Xi'an donate some 20,000 face masks to a London care home facility
  • Professor Mike Smith's offer of application of youthinmind for assessing people's mental health in quarantine, isolation, and physical distancing remains open for people to use for free in large-scale mental health work - watch "Telepsychiatry - Mental Health Assessment And Diagnosis In The Time Of Covid-19"
  • Z/Yen has tabled a proposal for the use of a prototype identity infrastructure and central bank digital currency for Covid-19 UK Cash Distribution, as well as the use of common tenders to stimulate credit currencies, in emulation of the Swiss WIR
  • Z/Yen made a bold proposal for "Chair Miles" on 1 April

Research & Analysis

Home Working

  • Z/Yen CommunityZ have held well over 1,500 events over 25 years. The programme has had online webinars since 2005, but the webinar programme is now greatly expanded.
  • Z/Yen was one of the UK's first 'virtual' firms in 1994, and lauded as a rare, case study, example of putting the theory of the virtual office into extensive practice (Real Estate In Corporate Strategy, Chapter 20: Z/Yen Ltd, Marion Weatherhead, Macmillan, 1997). Using established technologies such as ISDN, mobile telephony, computerised telephone switching, voicemail, wide-area-networking, electronic mail and the Internet ("no wizardry", as Weatherhead put it), people who work the Z/Yen way are probably more readily accessible to clients and colleagues than most traditional office-based staff. We are now experimenting more with the cultural side, virtual kitchen and coffee meetings, management styles, and the range of video services moving from Skype, Zoom, Teams, and GoToWebinar to exploring Panopto, Shindig, Jitsi, Bigmarker, Lifesize, Bluejeans, Webex, Hangouts, Facetime, and even TelePresence. In fact, it was work with Telepresence that inspires Chair Miles, "From Air Miles To Chair Miles".

Community Working

  • Providing business, resident, and voter information for Broad Street Ward as part of the City of London Corporation's work
  • NHS volunteering by several staff