Now & Z/Yen June 1995

Thursday, 01 June 1995
By Now&ZYen

Announcing The Great Z/Yen "Spot The Advert" Competition


Some readers have already noticed that they just can’t get away from the Z/Yen logo and motto. Not content with bombarding the world with business cards, presentation folders, binders, postcards, Now and Z/Yen, one-pagers on assorted subjects and copious mentions in numerous trade journals, Z/Yen is now taking London by storm wit a poster campaign. You need only take a trip down to your local underground station (e.g. St Pauls) and you might very well see the extent of this blanket coverage.

Now and Z/Yen would like its readers to act as unpaid marketing spotters and is offering a bottle of bubbly for readers reporting and sighting of Z/Yen posters in any underground station other than St. Pauls between now and 5 July (bubbly to be handed over following vertification of the sighting by Z/Yen, only one bottle per underground station, bill stickers will be prosecuted). So please put on those anoraks, go down the tube and phone any sightings through to Kate on (0207) 606-5750. If you think you have made another sighting after drinking your Z/Yen bubbly, please return to the underground station to check once you have sobered up.

No, Z/Yen Isn’t A Charity, It Just Does A Lot Of Work With Charities

Z/Yen is delighted to announce two further wins in the voluntary sector in the past couple of weeks: a strategic planning project with Broadcasting Support Services (BSS) and an IT systems project with Cancer Research UK (CR UK). The team for the BSS assignment is Ian Harris, Michael Mainelli, Mike Smith and Cathy Dyson. The CR UK project will be staffed by Mike Smith and Ian Harris. Both of the projects have started in the past few days. These wins add to a charity client list which already includes

ChildLine, National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund and the National Aids Helpline. Not bad going after a few months.

Z/Yen Make A Further Call For Candidates, Comments And Copy

Z/Yen is still hiring professional staff in order to meet the abundant demand for its business advice services. Please get in touch with Kate Carty on (0207) 606-5750 if you know any high calibre people who might wish to join. Comments on Now and Z/Yen, as always, are welcomed. Please fax articles and ideas through for the next issue (copy date 5 July). See you all, Z/Yen!