Linda Cook's Lockdown Story

Tuesday, 27 April 2021
By Now&ZYen

It started before the official lockdown date, as I was locked down in bed with the dreaded Covid-19. Although I managed to work on occasions, often I thought that someone was continually sitting on my chest and I did not have the energy to open a cupboard door to get a cup out to make a hot drink, so back to bed I went.

By the time I had recovered enough to start full time home working, about six weeks had passed, friends and family called every day. One friend called every day at noon to have our mid-day Manilow moment.

Over the year, Zoom played a large part in the social interaction with great nephews reading lessons, weekly quizzes, Cheese & Wine, Eurovision Nights, Diva Nights, VE Day Celebratory Champagne Dinners and Christmas Cocktails. A bit of dressing up was encouraged.

Big Birthday celebrations were off, but I managed a small family lunch, in accordance with Government Guidelines, before heading to Scotland for a break with other family members.

Health had still been an issue during the summer of 2020, symptoms of long-covid plus shingles thrown into the mix. To try and get back to fitness, a daily “commute” morning and evening (it felt like going out to work by walking up to the tube station and back), an occasional gym session in the disco/gym/garage when it was too wet to go walking. Yes, flashing disco lights and glitter ball.

Although there was a beautiful summer, the prolonged isolation has been a problem on some days whilst home working continued. Overall, it has been an up and down journey, with a few very bleak times at the beginning and during the December lockdown.

It made me rationalise that I wanted a new work/life balance. I made a few decisions and spoke to the Z/Yen Directors about these changes, where I cut my hours at work. It has given me a new mindset and I am beginning to find a bit more of who I was, not just before the pandemic but the me before other circumstances change in my life.