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Technology transforms lives. Global GDP per person over the past millennium has risen by 30 times, by seven times in the last century alone. Technologies which powered this rise include the trendy information age technologies of the last 50 years, but just as importantly include vaccines, gene sequencers, power devices, remote sensing, aircraft, 3D seismic or fibre, carbon as well as optical. Without technological change, advancement in productivity and therefore GDP would be limited to increasing labour and material productivity, finite sources of improvement. Successful organisations use new technology to transform themselves and their stakeholders’ prospects for the better.

The scale of high technology effort is impressive. Research & Development alone is 1% to 3% of GDP in OECD countries, approximately £150 billion in the 300 largest multi-nationals and untold, uncounted billions in small organisations. Using all this effort more effectively pays large rewards, hence government efforts at direct R&D, science education, supporting entrepreneurs, encouraging venture capitalists, showcasing technology projects, creating networks of technology organisations and other activities designed to improve the country’s relative standing in technology. Z/Yen works with government, universities, investors, companies and research establishments to:

Identify areas for research;
Assess technologies;
Structure technology exploitation;
Value intellectual property;
Train people - technologists in business, other professionals in technology and science.

Our experience spans the majority of technology areas, for instance satellite networks, mobile telephony, smart cards, biosciences, large scale pharmaceuticals, networks, defence, aerospace, laser digitisers, sensors, internet-ware, games, energy devices, mathematical algorithms, process control, seismic interpretation and environmental disposal. For instance, working with one computer software development client with a turnover of £15M, Z/Yen re-evaluated its portfolio of active projects, conducted market research for leading projects, moved several projects from development into partnerships in the field, helped pre-value projects for negotiation and re-structured the organisation for better project and financial management. Our efforts resulted in a many-fold increase in value over just two years. In other work, Z/Yen has for:

  • Large research establishments and government research agencies: valued intellectual property using risk/reward portfolio analysis, market gaming and auctions; installed management systems; reduced costs; benchmarked against peers; examined privatisation and PPP; developed market research and marketing; evaluated technology and partners; conducted scenario planning and strategic planning;
  • Universities: evaluated technologies, found partners, prepared funding plans;
  • Investors: conducted technological and market due diligence, prepared business plans, prepared prospectus material, sourced opportunities and negotiated deals;
  • SME companies: developed technology strategies, managed projects, helped implement (even patented some of our own work for them) and helped release hidden value.

Z/Yen’s skill is applying our risk/reward approach in areas where strategy, finance and technology meet, e.g. listing an Italian smart card company, preparing business plans for an Irish middleware firm, helping a public sector body exploit research, developing a Japanese technology company’s service strategy, helping a large R&D company realise the value of its historic portfolio. We look at our successful work as proof that technological change can be change for the better.

Please browse the table below for more details on the projects we have undertaken within the Technology sector.

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