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Here is a set of tools which help you calculate potential future CO2 prices under different policy scenarios and estimate the possible impacts on your business

  1. Price Impact Calculator
    Current CO2 reduction policies involve capping total emissions through a system of tradable allowances. This tool allows you to try different scenarios and see the effect that they might have on costs to your organisation.
  2. Carbon Footprint Calculator
    Calculate the carbon dioxide greenhouse gas footprint of your business or other organisation. Emissions from buildings, travel, freight and processes are taken into account. It uses publicly available and/or reliably sourced data.
  3. Investment Return Calculator
    Calculate whether a proposed emission reduction investment is worthwhile in terms of reduced allowances.

Price Impact Calculator

These tools are free for all to use. To use the Carbon Footprint Calculator or the Investment Return Calculator, please log in, or register if you have not already done so. The Price Impact Calculator can be used without registration .

Accompanying Reports

You may wish to refer to the following, which provide relevant background information to this model:

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  • Professor Michael Mainelli,
  • Ben Morris,
  • Dr Kevin Parker,
    Z/Yen Associate
  • Jan-Peter Onstwedder,
    Z/Yen Associate
  • David Vigar,
    Tomorrow's Company
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