The Global Economic Space Index

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Around the world there is recognition that the space sector plays a vital role in supporting economic growth, sustaining technological progress and protecting the environment.

Satellite technology is essential for navigation, communications, and earth observation, and the data it produces is feeding a thriving ecology of new applications that are enabling transformation in smart city management, agriculture, natural resource management, health, AI applications, and the modelling of threats such as climate change and land degradation.

But how should policy makers go about encouraging the growth of the space and other sectors? What do effective policy interventions look like? And which nations are currently most successful in their efforts to build a thriving commercial space ecosystem?

With the support of the UK Space Agency, Z/Yen will apply the tried and tested methodology used in the Global Financial Centres Index, to assess countries’ capability and delivery of up-stream (manufacture and launch) and downstream (services and data) space related business.

The use of quantitative data, combined with expert assessment will allow detailed modelling, enabling policy makers, industry leaders and industry bodies to identify successful interventions, track progress and identify challenges and opportunities for the space sector in their country or region.

We are seeking a consortium of partners who are willing to support the creation of the index, each providing sponsorship in the range of £5,000 to £10,000 for membership of the consortium and the publication of the first edition of the index. For further details click here.

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