A World Of Individual Opportunity: The Vision Of Egalitarian Capitalism

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Imagine a world in which everyone has a stake in the great tech firms that serve them each day, and where dividends are gradually replacing wages to provide regular income for everyone, as work becomes scarcer as a result of automation?

Imagine a world where every young person not only has a small inheritance with which to start their adult life, but also the opportunity to build its value by learning and by being mentored, in order to develop their life skills?

That's the vision of egalitarian capitalism, of which you can hear more at 11 am on Thursday 5th August from Gavin Oldham OBE. Following a career in retail investment, he now runs The Share Foundation, which manages asset accounts for young people in care on behalf of the Department for Education. He's also helping Cambridge University to introduce a four-year research project in order to provide this new perspective in economics with some real academic rigour.

Gavin is helping recruit for a Stipendiary Research Fellowship in the Economics of Inequality, at Kings Collage Cambridge - www.kings.cam.ac.uk/research/research-fellowships. Please contact him for more information.


Gavin established The Share Foundation, the registered charity which operates the DfE’s Junior ISA & Child Trust Fund arrangements for young people in care, in 2005. The Share Foundation is now also undertaking a major recovery campaign for the Child Trust Fund throughout the UK through its search facility https://findCTF.sharefound.org .

He was founder, former chief executive - then chairman - and controlling shareholder of Share plc/The Share Centre, the retail stockbroker which provided investment and trading services for over 300,000 personal investors, employees and shareowners, until July 2020,when it merged with interactive investor (of which he is now a director and a minority shareholder).

From 1995 to date he has been an elected lay member of the General Synod for the Oxford Diocese. He was a Church Commissioner and a member of its Assets Committee until December 2018, serving also on the Ethical Investment Advisory Group and the Church Urban Fund. He is also founder and director of Share Radio.

The theme of egalitarian capitalism and inter-generational rebalancing has been the principle driver throughout his adult career.

Thursday, 05 August 2021

11:00 - 11:45 BST



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