What Use Is Technological History For Future Projections?

Background: Archives of IT (AIT) collects oral and documentary history on the story of IT and coms since the dawn of the commercial application digital stored program computing; viz Lyons Electronic Office in 1951. While Apple, Google, Microsoft et al dominate the markets, the UK as much as the USA paved the way for this revolution and built an industry that supports every branch of our economy. Some would say, another dawn is about to break with the realisation of genuine AI changing the face of the workplace and how we collaborate with machines in new enterprises. What have we learned, if anything from the first 70 years? Tom Abram, Director of AIT reviews the observations of the first generation of tech leaders, seeking what will make the tech firm of the future successful. More importantly, he will be asking what you have learned and how those lessons might be applied.


Tom Abram is Director of the not-for-profit Archives of IT. AIT captures the 75 year history of the tech industries 1948 to 2023 and shares the lessons of leading people and organisations with a view to managing the future better and encouraging young people to be part of it. Tom studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester, gaining a PhD for work on digital electronics. After working on technology for the Ministry of Defence he ran the consultancy arm of a leading software house and established the Management Consulting business in Europe for US outsourcer EDS. He developed the software company Mantix into advisors to Government and City on major programmes of IT and business change. Tom has been active in industry bodies, including EURIM (The Digital Policy Alliance); Intellect (Tech UK); BCS and WCIT.

Adrian Murphy is AIT's PR and Communications Manager with more 25 years’ experience as a journalist, digital editor and communications professional, half of which has been writing and communicating about the cultural sector.

Wednesday, 29 May 2024

11:00 - 11:45 BST


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