The Science Of Ageing Well

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Until recently, ageing was thought of as an irreversible process resulting in an inevitable decline in health and wellbeing. But over the last decade huge scientific advancements have demonstrated that ageing is modifiable. Not only can it be slowed – it can also be reversed. These breakthroughs have rewritten ageing as we know it and offer an unprecedented opportunity for the development of solutions to age well. Dr Nichola Conlon will join us to discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs and solutions to age well.


Dr Nichola Conlon is an expert in cellular health, with particular focus on the science of ageing well. After a career in drug development, Dr Nichola founded Nuchido Laboratories driven by her belief that cutting-edge science should not lie hidden. At Nuchido, she is passionate about translating the latest scientific breakthroughs into products that slow biological ageing. Along with leading scientists at Nuchido, Dr Nichola has identified the right combination of targets to restore cellular NAD+ production back to youthful levels, leading to the development of a breakthrough NAD+ booster called Nuchido TIME+. Dr Nichola is on a mission to democratise science and has a passion for translating advanced science in a consumer-friendly manner. She regularly speaks about the science behind the symptoms of common ageing complaints, educating and empowering people with the latest knowledge to reverse their biological age and improve their healthspan.

Monday, 17 April 2023

11:00 - 11:45 BST



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  • Dr Nichola Conlon
    Dr Nichola Conlon
    Nuchido Laboratories
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    Professor Michael Mainelli
    Z/Yen Group