Creating Lifeboat Money For The Next Pandemic Lock Down Or Financial Crisis: And Eternally Sustaining Humanity

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Never miss a recording again; click here subscribe to Z/Yen's YouTube account .

Background: Central banks have failed to issue money that is stable and stops climate change. Parliament should authorize private test issues of digital Great Depression self-liquidating money. It would become lifeboat money in the next pandemic lock down or when the financial system again fails. Tethered to an eternal sustainable wellbeing metric this simpler medium of exchange would stop climate change to eternally nurture humanity.

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Dr Shann Turnbull is the founding principal of the International Institute for Self-governance based in Sydney Australia. He is a Founding Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors responsible for its constitution possessing provisions for State based self-governance. After a Harvard MBA, Shann became a serial entrepreneur founding over a dozen firms, including two public mutual funds and three publicly traded corporations. He became a founding author/presenter of the first educational qualification in the world for company directors. The United Nations published a summary of his 1975 book on Democratising the Wealth of Nations. He was invited to Prague in 1990/91 and Beijing in 1991 to advise on stakeholder privatization. He authored Australian Parliamentary reports on Aboriginal self-determination in 1977/8. His 2001 PhD from Macquarie University created a methodology to establish the science of governance of any specie and introduced to social scientists the self-governing concept of Tensegrity. He is a prolific author on using the self-governing practices of biota to reform the theories and practices of capitalism.

Tuesday, 21 May 2024

9:00 - 9:45 BST



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