The Role of Employee Share Schemes In Achieving The UN Sustainable Development Goals

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At the core of the UN’s sustainable development agenda are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which are an urgent call to action for all countries, whether developed or developing, in a truly global partnership.

The 17 Goals recognise that to bring to an end deprivations in the world, whether poverty or otherwise, the approach must include strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, encourage economic growth and, at the same time, tackle climate change and work to protect the environment, particularly working to preserve the oceans and the forests.

The question is: How can employee share ownership help?

Although the particular Sustainable Development Goal that this employee share schemes talk is addressing is Goal 10: “Reducing inequality within and among nations”, the goals interact with each other and the solutions that employee share schemes offer are integrated in their impact on a range of Sustainable Development Goals.

In this webinar, share schemes expert David Craddock will explain the role of employee share ownership in macro-economics; the application of employee share ownership to any national economy; the economics credentials of employee share ownership; the analogy between the company economy and the national economy; and why employee share ownership recommends itself to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Speaker: David Craddock is an independent consultant specialising in employee share ownership and reward management. A recognised authority on the subject, he is the author of The Tolley’s Guide to Employee Share Schemes , along with many other essential books and courses. David’s clients range from major public limited companies with international considerations to smaller private companies where the requirements are for Enterprise Management Incentives, tax-unapproved share scheme arrangements and market-making employee share trust structures. David has successfully established employee share schemes and employee benefit arrangements worldwide and to date has travelled to over 30 countries to personally facilitate their introduction. He enhances his service through a long experience in share reconstructions and share valuation.

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

15:00 - 15:45 BST



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