New Physics, New Technologies, & New Perspectives: Searching For The Missing 96% Of The Universe

We've misplaced the building blocks of the cosmos - and particle physicists like Claire Malone are on a mission to find them with the aid of the ATLAS detector at CERN. However, as she explains, some of the most crucial measurements performed by this ground breaking experiment are enhanced by thinking laterally about the technologies we have available to us. She draws analogies between her research into this subject and how she has also had to use a wide range of technologies to adapt how she accesses her research due to her physical disability.


Ever since childhood, Claire Malone was curious about the world around her and what really made it. Physics, in particular particle physics, quenched her desire for knowledge. Our incomplete understanding of the universe motivates her to search for evidence of new particles and how they interact.

Malone believes that we need to make science as accessible and diverse as possible. She believes being able to benefit from many different insights is possibly the best route to find solutions to the biggest problems that we face today. Her thoughts have also been influenced through conducting her research with her own physical disabilities. She is passionate about communicating her enthusiasm for physics to a wide audience and advocating for the inclusion of groups that are typically under-represented in STEM subjects.

In her spare time, she also enjoys reading (and sometimes writing) sci-fi novels.

Wednesday, 08 December 2021

10:00 - 10:45 GMT


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    Claire Malone
    PhD Candidate, High Energy Physics
    University of Cambridge
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    Professor Michael Mainelli
    Executive Chairman
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