Magic Money Trees & The New Private-Public Dynamic – An Exploration Of EU Economic Policy Development
Webinar - Belgium

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Monetary and fiscal constraints have been shattered all round the world. Suddenly, governments who claimed there were no magic money trees have shed their inhibitions. European nations are amongst the leaders in using this new botany and forgetting how they used to ridicule modern monetary theory. Policy-makers at the core of the EU are exploring the implications of these broken constraints in one of the trickiest environments of all, the EU’s monetary and fiscal policy. In this webinar, Benoît Lallemand, Secretary General of Finance Watch, will explain the current state of policy development, look at some of the issues ahead, and try to help viewers make sense of the implications for medium and longer term growth. In particular, he and FS Club Chairman Michael Mainelli will point to the erosion of government-private economic boundaries and the potential rise of a ‘new pervasive state’.

Some resources from the presentation:

The source from the chart is here (see p.26):

A good source for a summary of the EU's response, including elements I mentioned in on the WEF website:

The "Review of the Economic Governance" - which was planned this year and postponed to next year (timeline TBD) is announced and explained here:


Benoît Lallemand is Secretary General of Finance Watch since January 2017.

He was previously a senior policy analyst (mainly MiFID 2), senior advisor to Better Markets on EU affairs and head of strategic development and operations at Finance Watch. He also initiated the Citizens’ Dashboard of Finance, a platform allowing a broad range of stakeholders, including pioneers in sustainable businesses and financial services, academics and civil society organizations to engage on a global campaign to change finance.

Before joining Finance Watch upon its creation in 2011, Benoît spent more than ten years in the financial sector – more specifically in clearing and settlement (market infrastructure). He was initially a team leader before holding senior positions in asset-servicing departments, focusing on fixed income and structured products primary markets and regulatory reporting. He was then in charge of several business steering committees and strategic projects. Benoît also has roots in the NGO world as a co-founder of ATTAC-Bruxelles.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

12:30 - 13:15 BST



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    Benoît Lallemand
    Secretary General
    Finance Watch
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    Professor Michael Mainelli
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