Long Finance Spring Conference 2013

How To Innovate, What To Regulate: Achieving Real Change On The Road To Long Finance

The Conference asked to what extent we have made progress since 2008 in addressing the problems revealed by the financial crisis at the end of the last decade. The first part of the event considered what innovation, if any, has happened to facilitate risk management and what effect regulation has had in addressing the problems at the root of the financial system. In the second part of the conference the focus was on risks, opportunities and innovative financial mechanisms for investment in green technology. Professor Thorsten Beck, Chair of the European Banking Center and Professor of Economics at Tilburg University, delivered an insighhtful keynote speech on financial innovation.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

14:30 - 17:30


King Edward Hall
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    Professor Thorsten Beck Tilburg University
    Barbara Ridpath
    John Authers
    Financial Times
    Chris Hewett
    The Financial Innovation Lab
    Richard Templer
    Climate-KIC UK
    Jan-Peter Onstwedder

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