Long Finance Autumn Conference 2012: Measures Beyond Money

Measures Beyond Money

The Long Finance Autumn Conference 2012 will combine elements of the Long Finance and Grand Challenges agendas to focus on how to address development challenges in straitened economic times. It will draw particularly on the themes of the Green Growth and Global Health challenges. The event will provide a platform for informed and robust discussion to highlight the most important issues and to offer possible solutions that can have an impact at a policy level.

This conference will explore with Denis White (Oregon State University, formerly researcher at US EPA) the concept of 'emergy' and how it can be used as a universal accounting unit to inform indices of country sustainability and self-sufficiency. The discussion will then be extended to the notion of sustainable growth beyond the economic issues of GDP and a low-carbon economy and engaging with some of the fundamental questions concerning societal infrastructure, what prosperity means and how we can evaluate and measure well-being in a meaningful way.