Autumn Conference 2011: Bubble Trouble? Pop Goes Sustainability

Bubble Trouble - Pop Goes Sustainability?

The Long Finance Autumn Conference 2011, "Bubble Trouble - Pop Goes Sustainability?", focused on the subject of market bubbles and their effects on efforts to ensure sustainability. During the course of the afternoon, two presentations and two panels explored the dangers of exponential functions, the origins of bubbles, how bubbles impede sustainable investment, whether better information might help prevent bubbles and even whether ‘green’ thinking is itself a bubble.

Established in 2007, Long Finance aims to improve society's understanding and use of finance over the long term by hosting and promoting a series of lectures, discussion events and research publications. The initiative began with a question - “when would we know our financial system is working?” - and seeks to challenge a financial system that revolves around short-term thinking and practices.

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Friday, 04 November 2011


    John Redwood MP
    John Elkington
    Dr Jon Danielsson
    London School of Economics
    Keith Wade
    James Leaton
    Carbon Tracker Initiative
    Bob McDowall
    Alderney Renewable Energy
    Mark Nicholls
    Environmental Finance
    Professor Michael Mainelli
    Z/Yen Group

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