Leading With Compassion - Building Successful Teams & Influencing Change
Webinar - South Africa

Join us for an interactive, virtual session on how leading with compassion & empathy impacts the algorithm for building successful teams and influencing change. Building successful teams and relationships starts with understanding where you are in any given moment as a leader, and the science behind compassion and empathy. Immerse in the ways that connection & psychological safety impact collaboration, innovation and results. Experience practices to integrate into life that increase awareness, empathy, and trust to positively impact outcomes in your organization and in all facets of life.


Anuka Gazara-Anthony is an Inseus Partner, Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Certified Teacher, and Life Coach, with a mindfulness and meditation practice spanning over 20 years. Born in Sri Lanka, she holds degrees from the University of London (BA from the University of Queen Mary and MA from the School of Oriental and African Studies) and the University of Oxford (Postgraduate Diploma in Business Organizational Leadership, Said Business School) and has worked in organizations across the globe, including in both Europe and Africa. Utilizing her diverse background, Anuka is committed to strengthening the effectiveness of individuals and organizations through mindfulness-based leadership and emotional intelligence training.

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Zoë Buckingham is an international marketing consultant, commercial writer and presenter who has worked with businesses and national governments across the Middle East, Europe and North America. She helps organisations of all sizes identify their market positioning and the strategies that will enable them to grow. She has supported business leaders across Fintech, technology, professional education, home entertainment and healthcare with imaginative campaigns that set them apart from the competition.

Monday, 10 May 2021

15:00 - 15:45 BST


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