Is Big Tech Taking Over Our Money?

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Background: Cryptocurrencies promised to eliminate centralized institutions. Now, their core technology is underpinning the largest power grab in the history of finance.

big tech in finance

Over the past years Big Tech has been re-writing the rules of financial services step by step. The powerful four – Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, and Meta – pushed relentlessly into the payment space from where they could reach for other banking segments too. Mobile, APIs, cloud computing – technological progress kept dealing them the cards they needed to succeed in this colossal endeavour. With the rise of decentralized finance tech giants’ possibilities are heaved onto a whole new level. All segments of financial services are up for grabs, from the movement of money to credit and investing. Data giants are pouring millions into blockchain start-ups, are hosting much of the blockchain economy in their datacentres, and are recently warming up to cryptocurrencies and other decentralized assets. One of them even attempted to issue a global super-currency. A worrying trend or a promise for better usability? For sure it will keep bankers, regulators, and politicians up at night. In the webinar we will examine the risks and upsides of Big Tech’s rise in financial services.


Igor Pejic is an author, keynote speaker, and banker. His latest book Big Tech in Finance analyzes how tech titans are remaking the global financial system. His previous title Blockchain Babel won the Independent Press Award 2020 and was profiled as a Financial Times book of the month. Pejic publishes the valued industry newsletter The New Frontier, and his articles and interviews regularly appear in media such as the New York Times, the American Banker, or Bloomberg. Pejic has held different management positions in banking and payments, currently at one of the largest banking groups in Europe. More information under

Tuesday, 16 July 2024

11:00 - 11:45 BST


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