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One of the lesser-remarked areas of major change during the covid-19 crisis has been the many responses in the judiciary. For example, in the UK, a major change programme for video usage in courts was brought forward by three years in three weeks. Still, such changes only indicate the scale of potential improvement for legal processes through the inclusion of new technologies and new ways of working. Technology relevant to courts is changing rapidly, e.g. automated surveillance, speech-to-text, machine learning, video-conferencing. Access to the law is globally weak, even in developed economies. The impediments to reform are sometimes technical, but often political, social, and economic. This webinar combines a global legal view of the situation from The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law with a senior technologist and ex-President of the British Computer Society now leading an initiative called “Tech & Law For Good”


Michael Grant first entered the technology field in the flight simulation industry. He then spent 25 years’ working in a variety of international marketing and corporate communications roles at director and vice-president level within six global IT companies. During this period he lived and worked in Australia, the Republic of Ireland and the USA.

  • Michael is a strong supporter of charity and the City of London. He was Clerk (CEO) and later became Master of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, a City Livery Company. Michael still sits on the Court of the Company and assists in their Education and Employment work through mentoring of schools and the men and women of the Forces.
  • Michael is the Immediate Past President of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, whose purpose is to promote and advance the education & practice of computing for the benefit of the public. Today he Chairs the Nominations & Remunerations Committees and is a Trustee Board member of the BCS.

More recently Michael became a founding advisor of ‘The Positive Transformation Initiative’, where he Chairs the ’PTI Impact for Good, Resources & Approval Board’, which comprises senior Legal General Counsels and CTO/CIO/CISO’s.

Dr Sam Muller

“I am both perplexed why change in the justice sector is so tough and deeply convinced that justice systems can offer much more value than they do now. That’s why I founded HiiL in 2005, after having worked at the forefront of developing the Yugoslav Tribunal and later the International Criminal Court. As a UN and later ICC official I saw the flame of the Middle East peace process gradually go out. I saw the effects of wars in the former Yugoslavia, northern Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These situations show when rules designed to protect human dignity don't work. They're extreme, I know. But I carry them with me always to keep me focused on what matters: effective rule systems that support human dignity, every day, in daily life. The users of the justice system come first."

Sam Muller is the founding director of HiiL. It’s mission is to empower 150 million people to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems by 2030. An international lawyer by training, Sam works on justice strategy and innovation at the highest political levels, connecting knowledge about needs and what works with change processes that make a difference. The clients he has worked for include governments, international businesses and leading civil society organisations. Sam also led the setting up of the Justice Leadership Foundation and the Wildlife Justice Commission.

Before his work at HiiL he was closely involved in building the International Criminal Court. He worked as legal adviser at UNRWA and the then newly established ICTY. He holds a law degree and a doctorate from Leiden University and taught there. He has published and spoken extensively on various topics: legal trends and strategy, justice leadership, justice innovation, and international justice issues. Sam has served on many boards. He is currently chair of the supervisory board of World Wildlife Fund - The Netherlands and a member of the International Board of WWF. He is also chair of the supervisory board of the Wildlife Justice Commission. He served as Senior Adviser to the Task Force on Justice that published a ground-breaking report in July 2019. In addition, he is a member of the Advisory Board of the Impact Investment Exchange, IIX. He was active within the World Economic Forum on the topics of rule of law and justice, chairing two agenda councils. Sam is an alumnus of the Future Leaders Programme of the French Foreign Ministry and of the High Performance Leadership Programme of the IMD. He is also a facilitator of leadership retreats for the Foundation for Natural Leadership.

Sam is married and has three children.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

9:00 - 9:45 GMT



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    Michael SK Grant
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    Dr Sam Muller
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    Professor Michael Mainelli
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