Z/Yen I.T. Trivia

Welcome to ZITT. Put your knowledge of eighties computer science to the test, Z/Yen style.

ZITT is a flash card style trivia game with questions based on computer science.

How to play
There are 6 main categories:
  • Industry: Companies, products and standards
  • Software and Operating Systems: Packages and programming languages
  • Hardware and Communications: Machines, peripherals and networks
  • Bits 'n' Bytes: Computer Science, mathematics and miscellaneous
  • People and History: Who, when and why
  • Technotalk: Acronyms and jargon
  • All Categories: Containing all question sets

On starting a game, read the question. When you think you know the answer, press the reveal button to check. Then, dependent on your own answer, press either the correct or the incorrect button. This will update your score and roll to the next question.

Good luck and enjoy the game!

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