Smart Jurisdictions Index

We published the Smart Jurisdictions Index in November 2018. This compared 48 jurisdictions across the globe using 151 factors, ranking a number of pioneering States in the USA at No 1, with France at 10, Canada at 11, the Netherlands at 12, the UK-England at 13, and Switzerland at 18. Drivers include how jurisdictions handle Identity, Documentation, Legal, and Payments, and how nations are beginning to deploy services to citizens using Smart Ledger technology. We have built on the Smart Jurisdictions Index to develop the Smart Centres Index.

The Smart Jurisdictions Index was created using a range of instrumental factors divided into two groups and covering nine relevant areas:

Base Factors

  • Business Environment
  • Reputational
  • Infrastructure
  • Human Capital
  • Financial Services

Smart Ledger Factors

  • Legal
  • Documentation
  • Identity
  • Payments.

As a result of feedback on the pilot, we have developed our approach into the new Smart Centres Index, which uses the same range of instrumental factors, but which focuses on financial and business centres rather than jurisdictions; and which widens the scope of research to cover the regulation, depth, and quality of new technologies.

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