Dr Malcolm Cooper

Published by
Long Finance, Eternal Brevities series, (March 2010), 30 pages.

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In Search Of The Eternal Coin: A Long Finance View Of History

"In Search of the Eternal Coin: A Long Finance View of History" provides a history of the eternal coin. Richard Veryard summarises some of the main themes of the paper: "The eternal coin is an imaginary construct (Cooper calls it a thought experiment), so it's a curious kind of history, retelling the past through the lens of an imagined future. Cooper singles out a number of historical vignettes, which display different elements of a system of value. Cooper’s vignettes can be grouped into four types of economic system, and the coin plays a significantly different role in each."

This free-to-download report was published as part of the Eternal Brevities series in March 2010:

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