Economic Crime - Identity, Fraud, Security A Summary Of The Cityforum Summit, London, 15 May 2024

Palantir Technologies is proud to be part of the Cityforum 2024 Economic Crime Summit, highlighting the critical need to strengthen our financial systems against increasingly complex economic crimes. In a fast-paced digital world, the threat from cybercriminals grows not just in sophistication but in scale, impacting millions and significantly burdening economies. Our advanced data integration and analysis capability places us at the forefront of efforts to arm organisations with the necessary tools to predict, understand, and combat these evolving threats.

This report’s key findings point to an urgent need for enhanced data sharing and cooperation across agencies, the creation of specialised teams, and the deployment of cutting-edge technology to bolster fraud detection and prevention. It also calls for strategic public investment and proposes innovative funding solutions, including a fraud levy on technology companies, to support these critical initiatives. To counter effectively the ever-expanding reach of economic crime, it is vital to cultivate an ecosystem that prioritises innovation, smart resource allocation, and accountability. Establishing a robust digital infrastructure is paramount in our fight against economic crime, facilitating the streamlined exchange of information and enhanced case processing capabilities.

Through our partnership with the City of London Police, Palantir’s software will revolutionise the National Fraud Investigation Bureau's operational efficiency, dramatically accelerating the assessment of cases which, in turn, expedites the protection and care of victims, removes potential victims from harm's way and increases the likelihood of successful interventions and prosecutions.

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