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A selection of reviews for Clean Business Cuisine:


"Surprisingly funny considering it is written by a couple of accountants.”

 – 'Between the Covers'. Accountancy Age, page 36 (14 March 2002).

"Highly entertaining . . . Wonderfully daft . . . Hilariously sophisticated stuff."

 – DJ Taylor. 'Zen and the Ancient Art of Making Yen', Sunday Times (30 July 2000).

"Shows how business acumen can be successfully combined with humour, fun and a distinct lack of regard for convention . . . Very sharp and even witty."

 – Ruth Sachs. 'Kli Ning Up and Dum Ing Don', Strategy. Page 21 (September 2000).

"Cleverly constructed and amusingly related, this will appeal across the board."

 – Ingrid Fisher. 'Best of the Rest', Venture. Page 202 (September 2000).

"It’s a must for any management student . . . It really does make management studies fun while simultaneously covering all the main topics."

 – Lucy Cole. 'Dealing with Dirty Laundry', Kaleidoscope. Page 26 (Autumn 2000).

"Humorous business book . . . Putting their business philosophy across without using jargon or compiling lists."

 – Mick James. 'File 13', Knowledge Management. Page 31 (September 2000).

"Clean Business Cuisine is the '1066 and All That' of management."

 – Francis Beckett. 'No More Chinese Laundry Blues', Ambassador. Page 32 (September 2000).

"Midway through chapter one, the chuckling began. Never really stopped. . . . Still smirking today. . . . Even for the most serious of professionals."

 – Cindy Godwin. 'Clean Business Cuisine – Now and Z/Yen', Professional Marketing. Page 25 (December 2000).

"Light style and unforced humour."

 – David Shirreff. 'Fishy path to enlightenment', Euromoney. Page 6 (August 2000).

"Very tongue in cheek and very funny but also strangely enlightening."

 – Alex Smith. 'Clean Business Cuisine', Business Age. Page 126 (September 2000).

"A business fable... Funny and enjoyable to read."

 – 'The 1066 and All That of Management', Moneyweek. Page 33 (December 2000).

"Lives happily in the home on bedside, coffee table or bookshelf."

 – 'Make Way for Clean Cuisine', Business Times. Page 4 (September 2000).

"Firmly grounded in management theory and practice . . . Design is stunning."

 – James Bayliss. 'Clean Business Cuisine: Now and Z/Yen', Business World. Page 18 (August 2000).

"Definitely raises a smirk . . . Imaginative . . . Light relief on a plane journey."

 – Joanne Collins. 'Reading Matter, Computers and Finance. Page 59 (September 2000).

"Uses storytelling to good effect in illustrating strategy and management . . . Buy this book, have fun, manage and plan the Z/Yen way."

 – Suresh Lalvani. 'Management; Benchmarking; Merging; Investment', CFDG. Page 1 (September 2000).

"You need to get a big picture grip on the details . . . Words of wisdom in Clean Business Cuisine . . . If you really want to make a quick buck, what you really need is a quick book."

 – Sean Jackson. 'Dear Lorna . . . Straight from the Horse’s Mouth', Banking Technology. Page 82 (November 2000).

"Clever and well thought out . . . An entertaining read."

 – Ross Bentley, Computer Weekly, Book Reviews, page 32 (August 2000).

"Enlightenment for the 21st century."

 – 'Read This'. Shares, page 17 (August 2000).

"Wacky characters that bring the stories to life."

 – Unlimited. Page 26 (Autumn 2000).

"Management school . . . Not a real cook book."

 – Kay Reynolds. 'Back Pages', Accounting and Business. Page 55 (October 2000).

"A fresh way of looking at the mystical subject of business development with an original guide to the ancient science of making a fast buck."

 – Cedric Porter. 'Consultants say…..', South London Press (August 2000).

"Unique novel . . . Works on a lot of different levels."

 – Peter Kennedy. 'Zen and the Art of Business Maintenance', Ealing & Acton Guardian. Page 9 (July 2000).

"Pioneering novel . . . Served up in a wry, lighthearted manner for the general reader to enjoy."

 – 'For the Secret to Success Look to The East'. Putney & Wimbledon Times; Richmond & Twickenham Times; Brentford Chiswick & Isleworth Times, Barnes Mortlake and Sheen Times; Kingston Surbiton & New Malden Times; Teddington & Hampton Times; Hounslow Feltham & Hanworth Times (August 2000).

"Fun management novel with audacious illustrations . . . Uniquely enjoyable yet informative"

 – 'Make way for Clean Cuisine'. Hounslow, Feltham & Hanworth Times; Barnes, Mortlake & Sheen Times; Kingston, Surbiton & New Malden Times; Richmond & Twickenham Times; Putney & Wimbledon Times (August 2000).


"Clean Business Cuisine offers advice on business principles and practices in a highly imaginative and entertaining way. It will amuse and fascinate business managers, students of management and anyone interested in life."

 – Becky Anderson. 'World Business This Morning', CNN (7 August 2000).

"A very lighthearted, entertaining read that would make an ideal gift."

 – Heather Scott. Sky News (1 September 2000).

Celebrity Endorsements:

"A fascinating book with fascinating accolades."

 – The Baroness Dunn of Hong Kong and Knightsbridge (July 2000).

"A recipe for success."

 – The Rt Hon. Lord Deben (13 September 2000).

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