Z/Yen Imagery

Z/Yen logos:

Below you can access a library of Z/Yen's corporate logos for the following uses:

  • With material under Z/Yen copyright;
  • On-line usage and web links;
  • All advertising and promotional material.

If the logo is to be used for a purpose not listed above, please contact charlotte_dawber-ashley@zyen.com to seek approval.

In order to maintain consistent use of the Z/Yen logo, please follow these guidelines when reproducing the logo:

  • Do not alter the relative size of any of the elements of the logo (the ratio of the logo is 1.25 horizontal to 1.00 vertical);
  • Do not alter the spatial relationship of the elements to each other;
  • Do not alter the colour of the logo.

Right click on the appropriate logo format below to save to your hard drive. If you require the logo in an alternative format, please contact charlotte_dawber-ashley@zyen.com.

Colour Use HTML Colour Code
Black Z/Yen, Long Finance, FS Club #000000
Red Z/Yen, Long Finance, FS Club #ef3340
Red & Orange Gradient GFCI #ffe291 to #e43031
Green GGFI #03721c
Purple GGFI & SCI #800080
Red SCI #e43031
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