Mike Young

Mike Young

Business Adviser

As anyone whose worked in an office or interacted with government knows, complex, wicked problems almost always have a "political" dimension that cannot be ignored. Mike is a specialist at helping clients understand their options and formulate a strategy to deal with the politics head on.

Whether you are dealing with disputes, bid partnering decisions, or the threat of thermonuclear war, you need to understand what everybody is trying to get from the dispute, and see what your options are and what will happen if you can't agree.

With a background of over 25 years working in analysis and consultancy, Mike has helped individuals, large corporations, universities and the government to understand and form strategies — which can be hard and uncompromising, and imaginative, novel and outside the box.

Once formulated, the strategies are tested using a Decision Workshop. This is an intense, interactive, yet fun workshop that forecasts the impact of the strategy using structured role play - the only fully disclosed and evidence based method that can reliably forecast political outcomes.

Mike has worked with Z/Yen on workshops looking at the politics around the Greek debt crisis. He also helped to develop "The Warm Game", a fun yet insightful look at international co-operation on climate change, played as part of the original London Accord work in 2007 and more recently on Sailing Barge Lady Daphne.

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