Maury Shenk


Technology Specialist

Maury's experience focuses at the intersection of technology, law and business. He is founder and managing director of Lily Innovation Advisors, through which which he handles a portfolio of activities related to technology innovation — including private equity and corporate finance, directorships, start-up consulting and teaching/writing. He is a dual-qualified US/UK lawyer and former managing partner of the London of global law firm Steptoe & Johnson, where he remains an advisor. In his legal practice, Maury handles a variety of regulatory, commercial and transactional matters involving international technology and telecommunications, with particular focus on information security. He has also worked as a consultant at strategy boutique Marakon.

Maury has a deep practical understanding of technology, gained through legal and consulting practice, extensive work with technology companies, his education and time spent as a computer programmer. His technical expertise focuses on IT and telecommunications (particularly information security and satellite technologies), and he also has experience with energy/green and biotech/medical technologies.

Maury is a graduate of Harvard College and Stanford Law School. He is a lover of languages - a native speaker of English (the American version), proficient in French and Russian, and dilettante in Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian and Mandarin Chinese. He is also an avid competitive and recreational sailor.

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