Matthew Leitch

Matthew Leitch

Independent Consultant and Researcher

Matthew Leitch is an independent consultant and researcher specialising in internal controls and risk management. He has worked alongside Michael Mainelli in innovative operational risk management work and is often called upon by clients to help find new solutions to tough problems. His background includes writing, psychology, mathematics, software development, audit, and accountancy. He spent 7 years as a controls specialist with PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he pioneered new methods for designing internal control systems for large scale business and financial processes, through projects for internationally known clients. Matthew learned design at an early age from his father, who is an architect and designer, and has pursued elegant, original solutions to important problems ever since.

He has been an independent consultant since 2003. He also lectures and supervises dissertations at the University of Southampton's Business School.

Matthew's books so far are these:

  • "Intelligent internal control and risk management" is a large book packed with fresh thinking. It works within the language of risk and control but contains a lot of specific material on powerful controls.
  • "A pocket guide to risk mathematics: key concepts every auditor should know" offers auditors (and others) an easy way to get a deep conceptual understanding of 'risk' related mathematics and learn how to spot dodgy practices.

In 2007, Matthew joined the RM/1 (risk management) committee at the British Standards Institution as a co-opted expert. He helped to draft BS 31100:2008, the code of practice on risk management, and later worked very hard on the revised and expanded version of that document, BS 31100:2011. He has been awarded two Distinguished Service Certificates by BSI.

Matthew is a qualified chartered accountant and holds a BSc in psychology from University College London.

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