Lucas Djordjevic

Lucas Djordjevic


Lucas pursued Political Science at Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium and later spent several years in Beijing, studying Chinese Economics and Culture in Shanghai while working in the education field. After returning to Europe, he moved to London, completing an MBA with distinction at Kingston University.

With a fluency in French, Serbo-Croatian, and Spanish, and basic knowledge of Dutch and Mandarin Chinese, Lucas possesses strong language skills. He is also a Certified Level 6 Coach & Mentor for Business.

Professionally, Lucas has a diverse background, combining academic achievements with practical experience. He holds a genuine interest in ongoing projects at Z/Yen, contributing actively to the website and in the webinar programme as well as administration.

In his free time, Lucas enjoys playing the guitar and has a penchant for travel, with Peru and China being favourite destinations.

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