James Pitcher

James Pitcher

Senior Associate, Z/Yen Group Limited

A senior securities operations manager, consultant and advisor, with over 35 years of investment banking experience. In the last 13 years specifically, James has worked closely with operations management at many top-tier (and other) organisations, helping them review and improve operating procedures and client management processes. These detailed insights have given him a unique perspective and overview of operational best practice with a keen focus on costs, operating models, location strategy, operational risk and efficiency.

James was an Associate Partner at McLagan until March 2017, in the Performance & Infrastructure team, having previously lead the Z/Yen team. McLagan acquired Z/Yen in 2007 and is a leading provider of market intelligence to the financial services industry. Client support was based on extensive experience in post-execution trade processing, operational efficiency, costs management, client management, client on-boarding and performance.

James joined Z/Yen in March 2003, within the financial services practice. He is Director of the Financial Services Club and the UK Representative for Finance Montreal – both under the banner of Long Finance, Z/Yen’s research arm. His background prior to this was 20 years in Investment Banking, notably at Morgan Stanley, where he was an Executive Director. James served much of his tenure at Morgan Stanley as Head of EMEA Network Management, establishing and maintaining relationships with the Firm's Agent Bank Network for Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India.

James had worked within Operations at Morgan Stanley's Investment Banking (and earlier Global Custody) businesses, with particular focus on Equities and Fixed Income products and played a key role in working with Morgan Stanley's Agent banks to ensure a successful transition through conversion to the Euro and Y2K.

Prior to Morgan Stanley, James had worked in Operations at James Capel and W. Greenwell stockbrokers (now both part of the HSBC world) and Nikko Securities — where he played a role in developing the back office following their 'Big-Bang' membership of the UK Stock Exchange.

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