Bernard Manson

Bernard Manson

Financial Services Specialist

Bernard Manson has an unusually wide experience across functions and businesses at a senior level in financial services. The larger part of his career has been in banking, but his exposure to insurance goes back to his first job where he administered the marine insurance policy for a trading company.

He has been a divisional finance director for Barclays in both investment and retail banking, and worked in senior roles in Treasury and Risk; in these roles his academic background in mathematics proved of strong practical use.

From functional specialities he has progressed to business roles, for example negotiating and implementing joint ventures for Santander. His current focus is on implementing complex change across organisations, for example post-acquisition integration or new products. He sees his key skills as listening, problem solving, and helping stakeholders distinguish between 'want' and 'need' — capabilities which he has also put to good use in consulting projects.

The Practitioner's Guide to Interest Rate Risk Management
Bernard Manson (1992). The Practitioner's Guide to Interest Rate Risk Management. AA Dordrecht, NL: Kluwer Academic Publishers Limited. 488 pages.
"all the detail you need to get the job done from the pen of a friend"
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