Many thanks to the clients and contacts who kindly gave up their time to help provide case studies, not least:

  • Carol Harrison, Bharat Mehta and Tina Stiff at City Parochial Foundation.
  • David Prescott at BEN.
  • Nigel Hinks at the Children's Society.
  • Fiona Dawe and Anastasia Williams at Youthnet.
  • Mike Ward at the Actors' Workshop.
  • Ian Theodoresen and Bob Harvey at Barnardo's.

We would also like to thank the Z/Yen people who have helped us with this book in all sorts of ways. At the risk of omitting some who deserve mention, our particular thanks go to Mary O'Callaghan, Jeremy Smith, Sarah-Jane Critchley, Linda Cook, Rakesh Shah, Mishel Vitlov and Marie Logan.

Thanks also to the many providers of resources on the web, many of which proved most valuable when researching this book. Where we have borrowed heavily from credited public domain resources, these are duly credited in the main text and/or appendix directory. However, it is the nature of web resources that many sources are incompletely credited or not credited at all. We therefore extend our thanks to all who contribute their information and wisdom to the public domain through the Web.

Thanks also to Clare Grist Taylor at ICSA publishing for tolerating our insistence that our client work needed to take priority over manuscripts and for her gentle persuasion for good changes and deadlines.

Finally, many thanks to our long-suffering partners and families. Janie, Ian's partner, has especially been a "weekend widow" during this project with remarkable good humour, while Elisabeth, Michael's wife, has given birth to Xenia and Maxine during the conception and birth of this book. Our profound gratitude goes to both Janie and Elisabeth with our solemn promise "never again, until the next one".