Pondering Politics Across The Pond

Friday, 28 October 2022
By Now&ZYen

The FS Club enjoyed co-hosting a Panel Discussion on the forthcoming US Mid-Term Election, with our friends at Yellow Jersey PR. We were delighted to be joined by Wen-Wen Lindroth, Chair of the Democrats Abroad, UK, and Greg Swenson, Chair of the Republicans Overseas, UK. The Discussion was Chaired by our very own Professor Michael Mainelli, who in typical fashion ensured everyone got a chance to have their say and no hard questions were shirked.

The FS Club lived up to its international reputation with many members in attendance being US Citizens, who were pleased to have the opportunity to grill the panellists on a range of policies from tax to abortion. Despite what we often see on social media, the event proved it is in fact possible for both sides of the political spectrum to have civilised, intelligent debate on key policy issues as opposed to personalities and accusations.

It was refreshing to see our Panellists find common ground on the meaty issues of the day, which will shape voters decisions going into November and indeed 2024. The audience enjoyed gaining fresh insights into domestic politics in the US, with inflation and immigration being comparative concerns of which UK voters can relate to. However, gun control and abortion are also front of mind for many Americans, which offered interesting insights into the unique US political landscape.

We were very grateful for the time our Panellists gave us and their candid, thoughtful responses to sometimes difficult questions. As always, our gratitude extends to our Members for asking such intelligent questions and sharing their own insights. Lastly, thanks to the City of London Club for providing such an elegant and historic setting and of course our partners at Yellow Jersey PR, whom we look forward to collaborating with again.

One thing is for sure in politics, nothing can be predicted or taken for granted, so all eyes will be glued to the results coming through on Tuesday, 8 November. No doubt we will see some shocks and surprises, but here is to hoping markets remain calm!

Greg Swenson - US Panel Discussion

Panel - US Panel Discussion

Wen-Wen Lindroth 2 - US Panel Discussion