The Missing Link In Sanctions Screening - i2 Intelligence-Led Investigations To Really Understand Risk

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Sanctions are restrictive measures that can be put in place to fulfil a range of purposes, which are increasingly being used in political discourse and international relations especially since the advent of Russian’s invasion of Ukraine. In the UK, these include complying with UN and other international obligations, supporting foreign policy and national security objectives, as well as maintaining international peace and security, and preventing terrorism. What does this mean from an organisation or firm perspective? Why does this matter and why is it important to an organisation or firm? How does an organisation or firm manage risk using intelligence led data analysis? What does it mean when the unknown unknowns are identified, possibly within your customers, partners, suppliers and employees?


Michael Hoddy is Sales Leader for UK and Ireland at i2 Group, now part of Harris Computer Corporation. i2 Group were established in Cambridge, England in 1990 and are the de facto market leaders who produce visual intelligence and investigative analysis software for Defence, Law Enforcement and Commercial agencies. Michael has 25+ years of extensive national and international experience working with a wide range of companies and organisations in both regulated and un-regulated markets. He is a passionate advocate in helping clients find effective solutions to problems and advises on all aspects of Information Technology, Security and Technological Innovation as how to apply i2’s market leading insight to the challenges organisations face every day.

Philip Leaper is Professional Services lead for EMEA at i2 Group. Philip has a 20 year history of consulting, architecture and engagement management before joining i2 in 2018, he manages a team delivering the most complex solutions to the most interesting clients. Alongside this, Philip maintains the catalogue of external search connectors that i2 uses to enrich its clients investigations with commercial and open source intelligence, as well as working with clients and partners daily to design solutions that push the boundaries of linked intelligence analysis.

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

10:30 - 11:15 BST


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  • Michael Hoddy.jpg
    Michael Hoddy
    Sales Leader, UK & Ireland
    i2 Group
  • Philip Leaper
    Philip Leaper
    Professional Services Lead, EMEA
    i2 Group
  • michael Mainelli.png
    Professor Michael Mainelli
    Executive Chairman
    Z/Yen Group