Frontline Fund Governance For The New Pension Paradigm

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You know that whenever Prince Charles wades into a debate then times are changing and this time he has pensions square in his sights. His comments time with Auto-enrolment and wave upon wave of FCA and OFT scrutiny into how life defined contribution pension providers manage conflicts of interest and ensure fund managers are properly monitored and governed. There is also growing unease about how pension schemes are being run, charged and advised.

Since John Kay’s report of 2012 have fund manager behaviours and practices changed for the better? How do we evidence good fund governance, do life companies have the right culture, how do we monitor and how do we act?

Fund governance, broadly put, is about how funds are assessed and monitored to ensure they are fit for purpose for clients. Jon Beckett, Chartered MCSI (Lloyds/Scottish Widows), Con Keating (BrightonRock Group) will give a frank account of his experiences from the fund frontline. In this innovative session, Jon Beckett and Michael Mainelli, Chartered FCSI will be lifting the lid on:

  • Evolution of fund research
  • Past performance extrapolation
  • Fund Manager biases and behaviours
  • Key man risk?
  • Holistic, forensic and interrogative fund governance
  • To close or not to close a fund, is that the question?
  • Can leverage help fund governance for better investor outcomes?
  • Is there value in communication?
  • Market standards

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

12:00 - 13:30 London Time


  • George Littlejohn
  • Jon Becket, Scottish Widows
    Lloyd's Banking Group
  • Con Keating
    BrightonRock Group
  • Michael Mainelli
    Z/Yen Group Limited

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