Esop Sofa: Esop Round-Table Newspad Review VII

Background: A change in circumstances has meant that we can no longer go ahead with our summer newspad review webinar in its planned format. However, this has presented us with an opportunity to open up the discussion to all, and the Centre is happy to offer an on-line round-table style chat on employee share ownership hot topics, including articles featured in recent editions of “It’s Our Business”, newspad of the Esop Centre, in its place.

What are your thoughts on the effects of inflation and reductions in annual CGT exemptions on share plans; the call for evidence on SAYE/SIP, the consultation on taxation of EOTs and EBTs; and do CSOPs need a refresh? - Share the burning employee share ownership issues that are on your mind and bring your questions and comments to the table!

Chairman: Darren Smith, Head of Business Development for the UK & Ireland, Global Shares

Share plans sector stalwart Darren Smith joined the Global Shares team in July 2021. Darren worked with YBS Share Plans for more than 20 years as share plans consultant, client relationship manager and most recently as national sales manager, until it announced that it was pulling out of share scheme administration. Darren is a well-known and regular industry host, speaking on topics including share plans and financial wellbeing, bringing fun and an engaging style to events.

Tuesday, 01 August 2023

11:00 - 11:45 BST


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  • Darren Smith Global Shares
    Darren Smith
    Head of Business Development for the UK & Ireland
    Global Shares