CSFI Roundtable On Cyber Threats To Financial Services
Round Table

Cyber–crime is a growing threat and has the potential to do enormous damage to banks' bottom lines. It is, however, also an opportunity – both for the kind of security specialists who aim to scare the pants off us and (more prosaically) for the insurance industry, which ought to be able to price the risk pretty accurately and provide appropriate cover. CSFI is delighted to have put together a panel of experts for what promises to be a lively (perhaps terrifying) discussion:

  • David Nordell is in the former camp – an ex–journalist (economics correspondent for the Associated Press, science and technology columnist for Haaretz) with spooky links to Israel's security establishment, who has recently founded New Global Markets to develop sophisticated identity–based systems to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud. David has also been involved with the EU's FESTOS project on future security threats and is a member of a cross–sector policy forum of Israeli cybersecurity experts.
  • Michael Mainelli denies being spooked up (but then he would, wouldn't he?). However, in addition to co–founding Z/Yen and playing an active role at Gresham College as an Emeritus Professor and Trustee, he did a PhD on chaotic systems, spent seven years as a senior partner of a major accounting company and was director of Europe's largest R&D organization inside the MoD. He argues that the insurance community is in danger of missing a trick by not offering the kinds of insurance cover against cyber–risk that financial services firms want and need.
  • Dave Clemente is a Research Associate with the International Security Department at Chatham House. He has also worked at the IISS and ODI, and is the author of Cyber Security and Global Interdependence: What is Critical? (forthcoming). He argues that cyber security is a pressing issue for the public and private sectors, but that there is no need to succumb to (increasingly rampant) threat inflation.
  • Martin Jordan is a director in the award winning KPMG Information Protection team.

If you (or a colleague) would like to join – and participate – please let CSFI know by emailing sophie@csfi.org or by calling the office on 020-7493-0173.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

12:30 - 14:15 BST


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  • David Nordell
    New Global Markets
  • Michael Mainelli
  • Dave Clemente
    Chatham House
  • Martin Jordan

Clarion Hotel
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