(Patter to the Tune of Tom Lehrer’s G&S "Clementine")

…to end on a happy note one can always count on Gilbert and Sullivan for a rousing finale full of words and music and signifying nothing.

Her leaving caused grieving,
Professors depressed or,
Confused and bemused at what’s next;
How can we replace her,
We can’t even trace her
Job spec or reflect on such text?
But Gresham Society,
Without impropriety,
Can tirelessly honour the day;
Thus make her departure,
Far less of a rupture,
More “rapture” in some sort of way;


Yes, yes, yes, yes!,

For we gave she and she’s to us,
Honoraria Registrarius;
Yes we love she and she loves us,
And will through all aeternitas!