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Z/Yen people comprise a dynamic, international workforce.  Team members represent eight nationalities, speak seven languages - English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Greek - and have worked in over 70 countries.  Z/Yen is physically based in London and Geneva. Our team includes:


John Abbink

Crispin Black MBE

Linda Cook

Dr Malcolm Cooper

Mark Duff

Alex Evans

Paul Farmiloe

Stephen Haggard

Christopher Hall

Ian Harris

Keith Holland

Dan Hooper

Alexandra Karathodorou

Matthew Leitch

Bernard Manson

Andrew Maguire


Professor Michael Mainelli

Stephen Martin

Bob McDowall

Simon Mills

Ben Morris

Hugh Morris

Mark Morris

Bernard O'Dea

Jan-Peter Ontswedder

Dr Kevin Parker

Robert Pay

Alex Powell


Linyun Qiu

Maury Shenk

Professor Mike Smith

Chiara von Gunten

Laura Wright

Mark Yeandle

Mike Young

Wider Network