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  • Date: 2016

Title Author Year Publisher
The Missing Links In The Chains? Mutual Distributed Ledger (aka blockchain) Standards Michael Mainelli and Simon Mills 2016
States of Alderney, PwC, Cardano Foundation, Long Finance (November 2016), 74 pages.
Mind The Gap (distributed ledger standards) Michael Mainelli and Simon Mills 2016
Banking Technology, Informa plc (October 2016).
The Global Financial Centres Index 20 Mark Yeandle 2016
Z/Yen Group and the China Development Institute (September 2016), 56 pages.
The Right Reaction To The Chain Matthias Bill 2016
Red - The Magazine, SIX Swiss Exchange (September 2016), page 4-6.
Die Richtige Reaktion Auf Die Kette Matthias Bill 2016
RED - Das Magazin, SIX Six Swiss Exchange (September 2016).
No More Mr And Mrs X (identity systems) Michael Mainelli 2016
Duke Dialogue, Lid Publishing (September 2016), pages 22-23.
Chain Reaction: How Blockchain Technology Might Transform Wholesale Insurance Michael Mainelli and Bernard Manson 2016
PwC and Z/Yen Group, Long Finance (August 2016), 58 pages.
The Quiet Insurer: Mobility of the 'Other' Financial Service Shirley Beglinger 2016
Long Finance, (July 2016), 40 pages.
Discreet, Not Disruptive, Dublin Michael Mainelli 2016
Finance Dublin, Fintel Ltd (July 2016), pages 11-12.
Unchaining Public Services - Will Mutual Distributed Ledgers (aka blockchains) Power a Public Sector Revolution? Simon Mills and Michael Mainelli 2016
The Financial Technologist, Harrington Starr (July 2016), pages 30-32
No, Paris Will Never Be The New London Ian Harris 2016
Foreign Policy (14 June 2016).
The Impact And Potential Of Blockchain On The Securities Transaction Lifecycle Michael Mainelli and Alistair Milne 2016
SWIFT Institute (May 2016), 80 pages.
The Global Financial Centres Index 19 Mark Yeandle 2016
Z/Yen Group (April 2016).
Why Smart Contracts Need Shrewder People Michael Mainelli and Bob McDowall 2016
Banking Technology (March 2016).
Distributed Ledger Identity: Misplaced Trust Michael Mainelli and Vinay Gupta 2016
Banking Technology (February 2016).
What Is And What Isn't A 'Blockchain'? Terminology Wars - I Record Therefore I Ledger; I Block Therefore I Chain? Michael Mainelli 2016
The Finanser, FS Club (4 February 2016).
Hot Topic - Imagine the Trust: the Role of Blockchain in Financial Services SWIFT Institute 2016
The SWIFT Institute, Newsletter.
Sell It To The Machine Michael Mainelli 2016
Transaction Banking by D Sign (January 2016). This article is part of a series on the Transaction Banking.